Compiling a Multimodal Corpus and Teacher Training Resources

Contributions by Kris Kong, Founder of Kris collaborated with NUS to develop 2 main educational portals, namely the Multimodal Corpus and Teaching Training Resources. The first project, called the CELC project (NUS - Centre for English Language Communication) was directed at creating a multimodal corpus which is a searchable database of text, audio, and video (something similar to the ubiquitous YouTube). The latter project was aimed at developing a web-based teacher training module based on the corpus. The corpus will contain audio/video data and multimodal annotation to allow teacher-trainees to browse and search for relevant audio, video, and textual materials quickly. It was eventually designed to resemble a distance learning course website but with member-only access and a stand-alone version (e.g. DVD). It will show examples of effective teaching with short video clip(s) with an attached transcript, and comments from an expert researcher or experienced teachers (in CELC). Other materials like PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and blog-style notes will also be included as additional feedback from a group of experienced teachers or other teacher trainees.