Word Engine - Developing A Virtual Corpus For English For Specific Purposes

A main problem with normal web search functions is that they fail to cater to the specific needs of educators and the educated. Firstly, web searches usually return results with unreliable sources that would lead students to make inaccurate conclusions in their research studies. Secondly, web search results contain materials adopting informal language that would impede the learning process for students. Word Engine aimed at addressing these issues by allowing students to retrieve relevant textual examples adopting suitable academic language from a wide range of credible sources. Contributions by Corpus.sg: Word Engine was generated by Corpus to encompass several search engines that allow users to conduct academic research effectively. These engines are built upon Google’s custom search service and function the same way as Google, apart from the fact that their searches are limited to academic texts for example, research articles and journals in biology, rather than entire web.