Expertise Locator - Developing a Research Repository at NIE: Bridging the Knowledge Gap in the Research-Practice Nexus

Project Objectives: The aim of the project was to create a portal that made NIE researchers and academics reachable both locally and internationally. This would allow companies and other regional and international bodies to capitalize on their expertise and wealth of knowledge. Another objective was to develop a prototype knowledge repository that would make research papers and research project reports from NIE accessible. This would form a knowledge center that allows for meta-analyses to be carried out and used as future references for policy formation and practices for MOE schools. Contributions by Kris Kong, Founder of The knowledge repository developed by Kris was primarily used by the KM team involved in preparing reports for the management of OER and collaborating with NIE in examining research. It proved useful in strategic planning of manpower and resources as the repository also facilitates queries through a simple search engine which allows any user to do simple searches of the knowledge repository. Another key tool developed was for capturing and mining the information is text‐analytics which are primarily semantic‐network mining software. This tool had the ability to create taxonomy that organised information into classified sets of documents.